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Deaf and hard of hearing individuals are 1.5 times more likely to be victims of relationship violence including; sexual harassment, sexual assault, psychological abuse and physical abuse in their lifetime.


How might they experience interpersonal violence?

– Intimidation through gestures, facial expressions or exaggerated signs, floor stomping and pounding on the table or door

– Signing very close to a victim’s face when angry

– Not informing the victim when people try to call on the phone or try to catch their attention

– Excluding the victim from important conversations

– Leaving the victim out in social situations with hearing people

– Talking negatively about the Deaf community

– Wrongly interpreting to manipulate the situation if the police are called

– Not allowing children to use ASL to talk with the victim

– Criticizing the victim’s speech and English skills

– Increased vulnerability to sexual assault: can’t shout out or call for help.