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Supportive Services

buy essays onlineessay writing serviceOnce in contact with an advocate, a victim can expect to feel listened to valued, respected and educated.  An advocate will help a victim learn what services are available to them in their county.  An advocate can explain how the different service providers (ex: police, hospital, DV/SA programs) overlap and how each have a specific role in assisting a victim.

For anyone dealing with the effects of domestic and/or sexual violence, each situation and circumstance is uniquely different.  If we are not able to appropriately address certain needs a victim or a victim’s family may have, we will gladly help find an organization that does.

For DV/SA agencies who are unfamiliar with the Deaf community, we provide support and assistance for any questions or uncertainties that may arise (ex: how to find an interpreter, who is responsible for the cost of an interpreter).admission servicebook reportassignement help