Mission Statement

 Providing culturally sensitive advocacy, education and supportive services to those in the Deaf community impacted by domestic and/or sexual violence.

Vision Statement

We envision ending domestic and sexual violence within the Deaf community.


  • Educate domestic violence sexual assault program advocates on sensitivity
    to the deaf culture and working with the deaf survivors. Provide technical assistance to ensure that all programs are accessible to the deaf community.
  • Educate the Deaf Community on Domestic and Sexual Violence and its impact
  • Recruit and train deaf volunteer advocates who can work to empower deaf individuals going through domestic and/or sexual violence in their lives.
  • Provide connections to services that are available to deaf individuals.
  • Create a coordinated community response within the deaf community to respond to the needs of deaf survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
  • ENSURING that all deaf victims and survivors know their rights…contact us if you have any questions about what rights you have. DAP@njcedv.org